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★★★★★ - I no longer feel tired all the time. Thank you!

Optimise your sleep with premium mouth tape.

The Science-Backed Benefits of Mouth Tape

Promotes Nasal Breathing

The use of mouth tape promotes the practice of breathing through the nose, which is a more efficient method of air intake. This can contribute to improved oxygen uptake and overall respiratory well-being.

Reduces Snoring

Mouth tape serves to keep the mouth closed, potentially lessening or eliminating snoring, resulting in a more tranquil sleep experience for both individuals.

Improves Sleep Quality

Encouraging nasal breathing through mouth tape can lead to deeper and more rejuvenating sleep, enhancing overall sleep quality and reducing disruptions during rest.

Supports Oral Health

Mouth tape, by fostering nasal breathing, aids in preventing dry mouth, which can be a factor in dental problems like cavities and gum disease.

Upgrade Your Sleep


Verified Reviews

"As someone who struggled with snoring, Science of You mouth tape has been a revelation. It's comfortable, easy to use, and has significantly reduced my snoring. My partner is grateful, and so am I, for the uninterrupted, quiet nights of sleep."

Jeevan P.

I was skeptical about mouth tape at first, but Science of You has won me over. The tape is gentle, yet effective, ensuring my mouth stays closed during the night. The result? A much deeper, more rejuvenating sleep that leaves me feeling energized in the morning.

Silvia B.

Science of You mouth tape has become my go-to solution for a quieter and more restful night. No more tossing and turning. The tape not only curbs my nighttime mouth breathing but also minimizes disturbances for a sleep experience that feels like a true investment in my health.

Lori W.

I've recommended Science of You mouth tape to all my friends struggling with sleep, and every single one has thanked me. The tape is a simple yet effective fix for open-mouth sleeping, making each night a peaceful and uninterrupted journey into dreamland!

Tyrell D.

Science of You

Designed for Comfort and Performance

Science of You Mouth Strips feature an allergy-safe, latex-free adhesive that is ultra-durable and gentle on the skin. This ensures your strip stays securely in place during sleep or workouts without causing irritation.

Upgrade Your Sleep

Upgrade Your Sleep and your Health

  • Promotes nasal breathing
  • Suitable for beards, gentle on skin
  • Comfortable for all night use
  • 30-day money-back assurance