Probiotics are a science

Enhance gut health and vitality with Science of You® Daily Synbiotic. A daily dose delivers probiotics and prebiotics, simplifying your journey to optimal wellness.

Not all probiotics are created equal.
Not all probiotics are created equal.
Not all probiotics are created equal.
Not all probiotics are created equal.
Not all probiotics are created equal.
Not all probiotics are created equal.


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LS-24® LifeSpectrum Daily Synbiotic Formulated for adults (18+)

A broad-spectrum 10-strain probiotic + prebiotic, formulated for comprehensive health, and engineered to survive acid, enzymes, moisture, and heat. 

60 Billion CFU 

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4.8 Stars from over 14,000 Customers

Jessica L Customer Since August 2021

Bloating and indigestion were daily issues until Science of You Probiotics came into my life. It's like hitting a gut-health reset button. Incredible difference in just two weeks!

Kim C. Customer since June 2020

Science of You Probiotic is my daily routine for better digestion and a sense of wellness. It understands my body better than I do! Plus, excellent customer service.

Lance K. Customer since July 2021

Gut problems had me down, but Science of You Probiotics gave me my life back. Feel lighter and healthier now. Absolutely worth every penny!

Sam D. Customer Since June 2022

No overnight magic, but gradual and positive changes to my gut health. Trust the process with Science of You Probiotic.

Brad H. Customer Since May 2023

I'm genuinely thrilled with the product. Incorporating it into my daily morning regimen has been a joy. This has become an essential part of my pursuit towards better health and increased vitality. I am truly gratified that my doctor suggested it.


No GMOs, No Herbicides or Pesticides, No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives or Sweeteners.






Benefits of Daily Use

Formulated with strains that support:

Digestive Health

Encourages healthy digestion (to aid in regular bowel movements and alleviate bloating)*

Assists in maintaining hydrated stools for comfortable evacuation*

Fosters comfort in the gut from occasional gastrointestinal upset due to slow intestinal transit time*

Gut Barrier Integrity

Preserves the health and wholeness of the gut barrier function*

Strengthens the robustness of tight junctions in vitro*

Promotes the preservation of gut barrier integrity against permeability induced by ethanol and endotoxins (like lipopolysaccharides) in vitro*

Gut Immune Function

Encourages robust gut immune function and interaction between immune and intestinal cells*

Preserves the health of the immune responses within the gastrointestinal tract*

Assists in the generation of short-chain fatty acids*

Cardiovascular Health

Supports cardiac health*

Preserves normal blood cholesterol levels*

Promotes healthy cholesterol and bile recycling within the intestines*

Dermatological Health

Encourages skin health*

Strengthens the beneficial relationship between the gut and skin*

Micronutrient Synthesis

Supports in the production of folate (vitamin B9) through intestinal synthesis of its bioactive forms*

Aids in the creation of vitamin B12 in vitro*


Multi Strain 60 Billion CFU Probiotic Complex
No refrigeration required.

Digestive Health / Gut Immunity / Gut Barrier Integrity Probiotic Blend

Bifidobacterium longum
Lactobacillus plantarum
Bifidobacterium lactis
Lactobacillus bulgaricus
Streptococcus thermophilus
Lactobacillus acidophilus
Lactobacillus casei
Lactobacillus salivarius
Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Bifidobacterium bifidum

Dermatological Health Probiotic Blend

Bifidobacterium lactis
Bifidobacterium longum
Lactobacillus rhamnosus

Cardiovascular Health Probiotic Blend

Bifidobacterium lactis
Lactobacillus acidophilus

Micronutrient Synthesis Probiotic Blend

Lactobacillus plantarum
Bifidobacterium longum
Lactobacillus casei

Other Ingredients

Organic Prebiotic Complex 150 mg
Organic Blue Agave Heart (Agave tequilana) (90% lnulin)
Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Root

Digestive Enzyme Complex 200 mg
Protease (500 HUT)
Papain (400 TU)
Amylase (200 SKB)
Lipase {150 FIP)
Cellulase {100 CU)
Lactase (60 ALU)
Maltase (30 DP)
Glucoamylase (2 AG)
Bromelain (2 GOU)

Endorsed by leading health professionals and high-performing individuals.

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B. Smith

"It's truly a probiotic that addresses so many facets of gut health, and you'd be hard-pressed to find something else this comprehensive for your digestive wellness in one product"


S. Washington

"Since I started taking this probiotic, my digestion has significantly improved. It's an all-in-one solution for my gut health, and it's hard to imagine finding another product that delivers this level of comprehensive support for digestive wellness."

Professional athlete


P. Sutherland

"I've been using this probiotic since 2014. It's the easiest and most effective method I've found to balance my gut health and boost my immunity."

Health Expert

Science of humans

The field of probiotics requires precision. Working together with top scientists and research collaborators globally, we create probiotics supported by robust research to yield benefits across gastrointestinal, dermatological, oral, and nutritional health.

For those who seek to know more.

How do I take LS-24® Daily Synbiotic?

Adults are advised to take 1 capsule each day. Ideally, this should be done on an empty stomach to reduce interaction with digestive enzymes and bile salts. However, you understand your body better— if it feels better to take it with a meal, please don't hesitate to do so.

Why should I take LS-24® Daily Synbiotic?

Your body is the host to a community of countless microorganisms, which includes around 38 trillion bacteria that reside in and on you. These microorganisms carry out crucial functions like food digestion, inflammation management, and the synthesis of essential vitamins, metabolites, and neurotransmitters. This is your microbiome.

Nevertheless, contemporary lifestyle has disrupted the harmony of this ecosystem. Overreliance on antibiotics, along with factors like alcohol, sugar, tobacco, interrupted sleep, urban living, reduced breastfeeding, stress, unhealthy diet, and other environmental influences, have diminished the diversity and richness of our microbiomes, affecting our overall health.

This isn't just about basic digestive issues. Our groundbreaking LS-24® product incorporates probiotic strains that have been clinically and scientifically examined, offering fundamental benefits to the gastrointestinal system which, in turn, have a significant impact on overall health.

What does LS-24® Daily Synbiotic do?

LS-24® incorporates probiotic strains that have undergone rigorous clinical and scientific investigation, demonstrating their benefits in areas such as gastrointestinal health, skin wellness, heart health, gut immune function, maintenance of gut barrier integrity, and synthesis of micronutrients. You can explore the strain-specific clinical studies related to each of these benefits in our Reference Library.

When will I feel something?

Individual bodies vary, and the benefits you might 'experience' (such as reduced bloating or more regular bowel movements) are usually the most noticeable ones.

Many individuals may notice results as quickly as 24-48 hours due to immediate localized benefits like improved digestive health. Other long-term benefits, like heart health and gut immune function, might take longer to manifest, or you might not notice any difference at all. That's perfectly normal. As long as you keep up your daily intake, those beneficial microbes are actively working within you to optimize, maintain, and boost your health.

Who should take LS-24® Daily Synbiotic?

LS-24® is intended for use by individuals aged 18 and above.

Can I take this with other supplements? What about medications?

LS-24® can safely be combined with other dietary supplements.

While there are no known contraindications between LS-24® and any over-the-counter or prescription medications, we always recommend that you consult with your doctor before incorporating our product into your routine.

Is LS-24® Daily Synbiotic safe to take while I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use.

Do I need to refrigerate my LS-24® Daily Synbiotic?

The quick response is no, refrigeration isn't required.

We often get this question because many probiotics are sold in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores and other retail outlets. However, unlike perishable food items, refrigeration doesn't equate to 'freshness' or superior quality. In reality, if a probiotic cannot survive at room temperature outside of the refrigerator, it may indicate poor stability of the product, a low count of viable organisms, or insufficient overages in its formulation.

If your home consistently maintains a temperature above 79° F for prolonged periods, you might want to consider refrigerating it in an airtight container to prevent exposure to moisture.

What does my subscription to LS-24® Daily Synbiotic include?

Your monthly subscription encompasses a 30-day supply of LS-24®. The first shipment you receive is your Welcome Kit. This includes a reusable glass jar filled with your first month's supply, and a bonus travel vial that contains a week's supply of LS-24®. This ensures you never skip a day, even when you're on the move.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

Yes. We are of the view that probiotics and prebiotics, together with a balanced diet, good nutrition, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, are key tools in establishing foundational health. Clinical studies indicate that maintaining a regular, daily intake is the most effective way to fully benefit from your synbiotic. By opting for a subscription, integrating LS-24® into your daily routine becomes effortless.

However, we want you to feel confident and satisfied with what you're consuming. That's why we offer a risk-free, 30-day trial for LS-24®. Moreover, you can conveniently reschedule or cancel your subscription at any time from your account.

What is your 30 day risk-free guarantee?

If, for whatever reason, you're not happy with your purchase, you can request a refund within 30 days of receiving your first order. We'll reimburse you the full price of the product, excluding shipping, VAT, or duties—no questions asked. For all subsequent shipments, you have the flexibility to reschedule or cancel anytime through your account.

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